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Flame Safe Chemical
Flame Safe Wood Products
fire retardant coating / flame retardant sprays / fire retardant wood flameproof plywood / flameproof lumber / flame proof timbers

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Better Business BureauThe only fire retardant manufacturer listed with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating  



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Testing - ASTM E84, Class A; UL723, Type 1; NFPA 255
fire rated laminated veneer lumber
flame retardant treated LVL
fire rated glulams
fire retardant treated glulams
Testing - ASTM E84, Class A; UL723, Type 1; NFPA 255
fire retardant treated medium & high density fiberboard
fire rated MDF & Fire rated HDF
Testing - ASTM E84,Class A; UL723,Type 1;ASTM E2898
exterior flameproof wood decking
Testing - ASTM E84, Class A; UL723, Type 1; ASTM E2898
FRT wood moldings, trim & millwork
fire resistant architectural profiles
Testing - ASTM E84, Class A; UL723, Type 1; ASTM E119
Exterior fire resistant assemblies
1 & 2 hour fire rated assemblies


IMO R A.753(18), ASTM E84 & NFPA 701
clear fire retardant coating for plastic pipe plastic composites, fiberglass, PVC, styrofoam, polystyrene, insulation
ASTM E84 Class A, UL723,NFPA 255,TYPE 1
fire retardant coating for plastics PMMA, PC , ABS, HDPE, PVC, Clear Cast Acrylic Panels  and other hard to coat clear thermoplastics
FABRIC SAFE 1 Interior
NFPA 701 M 1 & 2, FAR25.853A &B & more...
most natural and synthetic fabrics
FABRIC SAFE 2 Exterior
NFPA 701 M 1 & 2, ASTM D3806/ASTM E84
cotton,polyester,awnings,tents, leather
FABRIC SAFE 3 Interior
NFPA 701 M1 & 2, ASTM D2859, ASTM E1353
upholstery,curtains,draperies & more...
Cal. 1264.3 Cal. Admin. Title 19 Christmas Trees
fire retardant spray Christmas trees, hay bales, straw, dry brush & grass, wildfire protection, pine bark mulch
NFPA 701, Cal 1237.1
fireproofing, flame supressing and smoke inhibiting blanket restaurant kitchen grease fires,welder's slag protection

      Most fire retardant products presently on the market do not have testing by accredited third party testing agencies to back their claims. Flame Safe’s fire retardant products have been tested by accredited third party testing agencies. Flame Safe warrants it’s products to perform as tested and will furnish test reports upon request, in addition to those published on our website.

        Flame Safe Chemical manufactures a complete line of clear fire retardant coatings, fire retardant penetrants and fire retardant sprays that meet or exceed industry’s fireproofing standards. The effectiveness of Flame Safe’s fire retardant products are well documented.

        The uniqueness of Flame Safe’s products are not only their simplicity of application, their low cost, their environmental safeness, their tested, proven certifications, but most importantly they are required by code. Fire codes are written and enforced to save lives and property

        Uniquely, Flame Safe’s clear fire retardant coatings, sprays and penetrants are easily applied, colorless, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and are aqueous based fire retardants chemicals.

        Flame Safe has both interior and exterior fire protection coatings, penetrants, and fire retardant sprays for wood, wood products, lumber, plywood, wood shingles, timbers, fiberglass and plastics, fire retardant coating for tiki huts thatch, bamboo, paper, cardboard and packaging systems for combustable liquids, fire retardant for fabrics, fire retardant for canvas, fire retardant for wood shingles, fire retardant for thatch and thatching, fire retardant for paper and cardboard, fire retardant for dry grass and brush, fire retardant for Christmas trees. The Fire Buster™ is a fire retardant treated fabric available for commercial and residential use.

        Flame Safe is dedicated to setting not merely following the fireproof industry standards through ongoing research development and testing programs. Flame Safe continually endeavors to educate the marketplace on the significance of fireproofing combustable materials through the use of fire retardant products.

        Flame Safe Wood Product Inc. maunfactures vacuum-pressure treated interior fire retardant lumber, exterior fire retardant lumber, interior fire retardant wood, interior fire retardant plywood, exterior fire retardant plywood, fire retardant timbers, fire retardant wood specialities.

Serving your fireproofing needs!

Do Fire Resistant Sprays Stop Fires?

In reality, nothing stops a fire. Every fire starts some where. While there is no foolproof way to prevent a fire, a fire resistant spray can greatly lower the rate at which it spreads and aids in preventing the surface from catching fire in the first place.

Hot ashes blowing on neighboring properties contribute geatly fo the spread of fire. When homeowners use fire retardants on their properties, the heated ashes are much less likely to ignite anything they fall on, thus diminishing the spread of fire.

How Do Fire Retardant Sprays Work
When exposed to fire, a material that has been treated with fire retardant sprays forms a carbon char that acts as a shield that protects the area. The material will become black,but inhibits the spread of flame, which will limit total damage and life-threatening risk. It also provides you more time to react and put out the fire
Increasing Fire Resistance of Wood
Any wood in or around your building is an excellent source of fuel for a fire. This is why wooden structures and materials need to be made heat resistant. Applying a fire retardant product to the wood susbtrate creats an additional barrier between the highly flammable wood and the flames. Other benefits of utilizing a fire retardant on the wood include decreased smoke production and longer ignition time, giving addditional time for people inside to escape during a fire. Even a few extra minutes is incredibly valuable in a structure fire. Flame Safe has the "best in class" interior and exterior fire retardants for any type of wood, including manufactured wood products, trusses, doors, raw wood, decking, fencing, soffits and more. No special equipment is required and any qualified contractor can apply i as easily as you would apply traditional paint.
Clear Coats
Flame Safe offers a clear fire retardant coating ideal for both commercial and residential settings. Fire resistant clear coats can prevent or delay flame spread on your property and fire retardant products are essential for complying with fire regulations in commercial and residential buildings. Flame Safe Fire Poly FP100 Clear Coat is ideal for both exterior and interior wood surfaces. Flame Safe Fire Poly FP50CC for Artificial Plants and Foliage help protect artificial plants such as Christmas trees and other decorative plants.
Fire Retardant Paint for Plastic
Flame Safe Fire Poly FPCC and Fire Pol FP50CC help meet safety requirements and building code compliance.
How do you make plastic Fire Resistant?
Flame Retardant coatings for plastic ara highly effective way to slow down flame spread and meet fire safety requirements. Flame Safe Fire Poly FPCC and FP50CC adds a protective barrier over the plastic material that slows down the development of fire and reduces the intensity of it. It greatly reduces the flammability of plastic items. Most importantly, fire retardant for plastic provides people inside the building with more time to escape a fire and ultimately save lives.


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